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Join Heather Welch chatting with the experts to keep up with the trends and what's happening around the world. Education is evolving and we are so excited to share it with you.


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Edx Education In Conversation with......
Education Tips from the Experts with Edx Education!
Education is evolving and we are chatting with the experts to keep up with the trends and whats happening around the globe.

With schools closing and homeschool commencing join us, Edx Education in conversation with experts for homeschooling.

We have spoken with many educational experts, founders of charities, award winning author, international presenters, expat parents and so many more.

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Heather Welch

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Heather is a play advocate, educator, marketer and current International Brand Manager at Edx Education.  She has lived and worked all around the world: in Australia, Singapore, UAE and now based inn the UK.  Right now, she develops educational toys for children to spark their imagination and learn from one another. Heather is a Play Ambassador for The Genius of Play and a Trustee of a UK charity ‘Gecko on the Move’ providing educational opportunities to children around the world.

Heather currently hosts this podcast, ‘Edx Education In Conversation with….’ and has written many ‘learning through play’ articles and has given advice on the subject around the world. Edx Education have a play blog on the website, podcast, games and videos and free downloadable resources for home learning in the Teachers/Parents section over at www.edxeducation.com/teachers/parents. Let’s play and learn together.

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